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Samurai Chicks with Wings

翼を 持っている ひな (Tsubasa wo motteiru hina)

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Welcome to my page!

I would love to go by the name Hanako in real life.
♥ I've been told by a friend of mine that I am Yachiru reincarnated <3 and that she is Hiyori.
I'm a generally cheerful person to be around and yuss I *do* have my dark side :P but it doesn't come out often.

You have been warned :D

I am an actual descendant of a Samurai Warlord
I have Samurai Blood in me (!)
My ancestor owned a huge piece of land in Japan

I would love to have and speak in a Southern American accent that's influenced by the Faeries Landing manga (it's a korean manga translated to english) via Bast!!

Having a variety of interests sometimes makes me seem very 2-dimensional but it often allows me to have an insight into other people's personalities. I guess >_>"

Unfortunately because of who I am, I don't update very often.
When I do, I try and make it as interesting and as thought-provoking as possible.

<3 H.

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